Hydraulic Cylinders For Construction Machine



Constructed to withstand heavy-duty industrial use, these hydraulic cylinders are designed to serve as the workhorse for construction machines. The brand new hydraulic cylinders come with a three-year warranty, ensuring their durability and longevity. These cylinders are applicable in various industrial machinery, weighing 50 kg each. They are subjected to rigorous video outgoing-inspection, and a machinery test report is provided for each unit. They fall under the category of ordinary products with a warranty of core components extending up to three years. The core component of these hydraulic cylinders is the piston rod. They are standard products with a piston cylinder structure, powered by hydraulic force. The body material is made of robust steel. The product name is the Hydraulic Cylinder, primarily used in the industry. The color can be customized according to the customer’s preference.

Understanding the Hydraulic Cylinders

These hydraulic cylinders are designed with high-quality steel, ensuring strength and durability. The main component, the piston rod, is a critical element of the hydraulic cylinder. Its standard structure and hydraulic power offer efficient performance. With a weight of 50 kg, these cylinders are sturdy yet manageable. The product undergoes a video outgoing-inspection, ensuring each unit meets the highest quality standards before reaching the customer. The machinery test report is a testament to its high-quality standards. The three-year warranty of the core components assures customers of its durability and reliability. Whether it’s for construction machinery or other industrial machinery, these hydraulic cylinders can be customized in color to match the aesthetics of the machine they’re being installed in.

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Q: What warranty do the hydraulic cylinders come with?

A: The hydraulic cylinders come with a three-year warranty, ensuring their durability and longevity.

Q: Can the color of the hydraulic cylinders be customized?

A: Yes, the color of the hydraulic cylinders can be customized according to the customer’s preference.

Q: What is the weight of these hydraulic cylinders?

A: Each hydraulic cylinder weighs 50 kg, making it sturdy yet manageable for industrial machinery.