Hydraulic Cylinder For Different Type Press Machine



Introducing a brand new Hydraulic Cylinder designed for various types of press machines. This product comes with a one-year warranty and is perfect for industries such as building material shops and others. Weighing 25KG, it has undergone rigorous video outgoing-inspection and has a machinery test report to attest to its reliability. Launched as a new product in 2020, it boasts of standard core components, including bearings. The cylinder operates on hydraulic power and features a piston cylinder structure. Its body is made of sturdy and durable steel.

Technical Specifications and Benefits of the Hydraulic Cylinder

This hydraulic cylinder is a standard piece of equipment, featuring a piston cylinder structure, which makes it especially suitable for different types of press machines. It operates on hydraulic power, which ensures efficient and smooth operation. The body material is made of steel, guaranteeing durability and long-lasting performance. Furthermore, the product weighs 25KG, making it a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment for heavy-duty industrial applications.

One of the main benefits of this hydraulic cylinder is its one-year warranty of core components. This gives customers the assurance that they are purchasing a quality product that the manufacturer stands behind. Also, the item has undergone a thorough video outgoing-inspection, and a machinery test report is provided for further confirmation of its quality and reliability. The product was launched as a new item in 2020, further attesting to its modernity and the manufacturer’s confidence in its performance.

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1. What industries can use this Hydraulic Cylinder?

This hydraulic cylinder is perfect for building material shops and other similar industries.

2. What is the weight of the Hydraulic Cylinder?

The hydraulic cylinder weighs 25KG, making it a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment for heavy-duty industrial applications.

3. What are the core components of this Hydraulic Cylinder?

The hydraulic cylinder features a standard core component ?C the bearing.