200 Tons Stroke Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder



Introducing a brand new 200 Tons Stroke Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder. This high-power hydraulic cylinder is designed with a double acting function, making it highly efficient in various industrial applications. The product is in brand new condition and comes with a one-year warranty. It is ideal for machinery repair shops and farms. Weighing just 60 kg, this hydraulic cylinder is easy to handle and install. With video outgoing-inspection and machinery test report provided, you can be assured of its quality and performance. Launched as a new product in 2020, it features core components including engine and bearing, all under warranty for three months. The hydraulic cylinder is standard in design, featuring a general cylinder structure, powered by pneumatics, and is made of sturdy steel. It is shipped from Qingdao port.

The 200 Tons Stroke Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder is designed for heavy-duty applications. Its double acting function allows it to exert force in both directions, making it a versatile choice for a variety of machinery and industrial applications. It is designed to be standard, thus fitting seamlessly into most machinery. Its general cylinder structure ensures easy installation and maintenance. Powered by pneumatics, it is energy-efficient and easy to operate. Constructed from robust steel, this hydraulic cylinder is built to last. Despite its high power and performance, it weighs just 60 kg, allowing for easy handling and installation. With a warranty of one year and core components covered for three months, it provides peace of mind for any business.

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Before wrapping up, let??s address a few common questions about the 200 Tons Stroke Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder:

  1. What is the weight of the hydraulic cylinder?

    Answer: The hydraulic cylinder weighs 60 kg, which makes it easy to handle and install.

  2. What is the power source of the hydraulic cylinder?

    Answer: The hydraulic cylinder is powered by pneumatics, making it energy efficient.

  3. What is the warranty period for the hydraulic cylinder?

    Answer: The hydraulic cylinder comes with a one-year warranty, and the core components are covered for three months.

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